Event Summary

A plastic circular economy must become the new normal.

We must act now to manage plastic waste, to prevent irreversible damage to our health, future generations and our natural spaces.

Join Westminster Insight’s annual Plastic Waste Conference to understand key challenges and solutions to transition your organisation and the UK from linear to circular practice. Understand the opportunities of plastic waste as a resource, and the part it plays in achieving resource circularity. How do we optimise the use of plastic in our society?

Gain insight from best practice, including private sector stakeholders and public sector partnerships. With representatives from across industry and government, we will explore the key pillars of a circular economy: improving recycling infrastructure, prioritising reuse to tighten circular economies, minimising carbon emissions and plastic contamination of the environment.

Additionally, learn about the impact of the Plastic Tax and New Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and next steps in government legislation to meet plastic recycling targets.

What innovative solutions exist for single use plastics? We will look at current innovations for the plastic waste problem, hearing from key pathfinders and start-ups.

We will address how to tackle green washing and design packaging for recycling to support consumer’s desires to purchase responsibly.

Network with colleagues and explore the benefits of working collaboratively to create effective systematic change between organisations within the UK.

Key Points

  • Understanding the problems caused by excess plastic waste
  • Essential pillars to developing a circular economy
  • Exploring innovation and single plastic waste solutions
  • Responsible production of plastic packaging and products: labelling, design and avoiding green washing
  • Learning from innovation ideas and best practice: innovative case studies from the public and private sector
  • Exploring the new extended producer responsibility (EPR) and ban on single use plastics in England 
  • The Plastic Tax: implementation and impacts
  • Utilising collaboration to create systematic change
  • Encouraging the public to recycle and reuse  and creating small scale circular economies
  • Beyond plastics: Are other materials a more sustainable option?

Venue Details

In-person – This conference will take place at the Institution of Structural Engineers, Bastwick Street, London. Attend this half-day event in person to network, build relationships and learn from your peers.