Event Summary

Education will be one of the top sectors to be impacted by AI.*  

Teachers and students are already realising the benefits, using GenAI tools to improve learning, create classroom resources and lesson plans, streamline administrative processes and speed up marking and assessment. ChatGPT is most commonly used, alongside other tools include Google Bard, Copilot, TeachMateAI and Canva.  

Join Westminster Insight’s timely AI in Schools and Colleges conference as we explore the benefits, opportunities and risks for GenAI in schools and colleges across the UK. 

We will spotlight how AI can be used most effectively to support both teachers and students. Take away practical guidance to implement AI in your school, augmenting the learning experience, without taking away from the value of expert teachers in the classroom. We will also discuss what the future policy landscape looks like for AI in the education sector in light of the new Labour Government.  

We will outline the role that AI can play in: 

  • Classroom teaching and learning  
  • Pupil support, including those with EAL and SEND needs 
  • Curriculum development  
  • Marking and assessment 
  • Reducing the administrative burden in schools  

We will highlight how the education sector has responded to AI and we will share recent examples of the adoption of GenAI technology in schools and colleges. 

AI is likely to offer long-term solutions to many of the UK education sector’s challenges, but schools and colleges must take reasonable steps to mitigate the associated risks. We will spotlight how to support students in the correct use of AI. How do you detect and identify malpractice in AI usage in assessments and coursework? We will raise awareness of ethical concerns, data protection and privacy breaches with AI. We will focus on the future of AI, and the need for infrastructure development, equal access to technology, training and workforce skills to further the use of AI in education. 

Tailored for schools and colleges in the UK, don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, collaborate and keep pace with evolving technology. Embrace the benefits of AI to improve teaching and learning in your school, know the risks, and prepare for the future that lies ahead.  

*The Open Innovation Team and the Department for Education, 2024 

**Jan DfE 2024 report on generative AI in education 

Key Points

  • Understanding how UK schools and colleges are currently using AI  
  • How AI can assist in lesson planning and curriculum development  
  • Personalising learning for students, including those with SEND and EAL needs 
  • AI as a teacher aid to reduce workload  
  • Using AI to monitor progress and improve outcomes  
  • High-quality AI tools and resources for teachers, parents and students 
  • Communicating the correct use of AI to students  
  • Preventing, identifying and reporting misuse in assessments  
  • Mitigating the ethical, safety and data protection risks caused by AI 
  • Addressing educational inequality due to lack of access to technology  
  • Upskilling workforces and improving AI literacy skills amongst teachers  
  • Equipping students with the necessary skills for a future with AI.