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Event Summary

The Government has set out its vision for a more inclusive, consistent, transparent and accountable SEND system. The proposals offer significant changes for some of society’s most vulnerable children. Backed by £70 million of new funding to implement them, it means a huge overhaul of the SEND system.

Westminster Insight’s SEND digital conference is ideally timed to explore the SEND Review and subsequent Green Paper proposals, and consider practical steps for how to deliver greater national consistency in SEND provision, including how it should be accessed and funded.

Delegates will consider how to improve co-production and collaboration between young people, parents, carers, local authorities, health, social care and other professionals.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we will look at recovering educational attainment and promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Case studies showcasing inclusive education will be shared from early years through to further education. With Government proposals for all schools to form or join Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) by 2030, hear how SEND provision can be maximised across academies.

Hear directly from young people with SEND about how to improve transitions through education or to employment, by effective careers advice, mentoring and raising of aspirations.

Key topics:

  • Updates and consideration of the practical implementation of the SEND Review, subsequent Green Paper proposals and consultation
  • Improving collaboration across health, education and social care to identify SEND needs and supply effective SEND provision
  • Demonstrating inclusive systems in mainstream provision from early years through to further education
  • Ensuring a financially sustainable SEND system and targeting funding where it is needed most
  • Recovering educational attainment after the pandemic
  • Enhancing the mental health and wellbeing of SEND pupils
  • Improving co-production with families and parental navigation of the SEND system
  • Challenges and opportunities to forming or joining Multi-Academy Trusts by 2030
  • Preparing for adulthood through careers development and progression onto positive destinations