Event Summary

The long-anticipated SEND and AP Improvement Plan, published last year, outlined sector-wide reforms delivered through a three-tier model of Alternative Provision, highlighting: targeted early intervention in mainstream schools; short-term intensive placements; and effective transitions into mainstream schooling or post-16 destinations.

Join Westminster Insight’s timely Alternative Provision Conference taking place for the first time in Newcastle where we will deep dive into the three-tiered model and how your AP setting can start implementing these reforms now.

We will bring together leading practitioners across AP from the North East and beyond to share the latest insights on timely, high-quality alternative provision that sets out to:

  • Fulfil children’s potential
  • Build parent’s trust
  • Provide financial sustainability

Gain practical takeaways from best-practice AP schools on how to embed preventative and early intervention techniques to reduce exclusion rates in your area.

Learn how to ensure a child-centred approach from the off-set through innovative assessment processes that tap into the complex needs of pupils.

For some children, in-person education simply isn’t the right fit. Discover the benefits of online alternative provision and how this can be delivered while maintaining high quality educational and safeguarding standards.

How can APs deliver value for money? Hear from a local authority and AP provider on how to build strategic multi-agency partnerships that deliver sustainable commissioning and effective resource allocation.

Nearly a third of children in alternative provision did not sustain a positive destination after leaving year 11.* How can you address the barriers to delivering positive outcomes for pupils in AP? Incorporate a comprehensive curriculum, robust career programmes, local partnerships and work experience opportunities.

Delivering high quality alternative provision requires highly skilled staff; hear how you can build a pipeline of talented leaders in your AP setting.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from outstanding schools and local authorities who will share practical takeaways, best practice case studies and strategies to improve provision in your AP setting.

*Children’s Commissioner’s Office, May 2024

Key Points

  • Improving SEND and AP services across the sector
  • Adapting your AP setting to target early intervention, effective short-term placements and positive post-16 outcomes
  • Facilitating strategic partnerships between mainstream schools, AP settings and local authorities
  • Reducing exclusion rates through early and targeted support
  • Understanding the needs of pupils through deep dive assessment processes
  • Tackling financial challenges to meet increasing demand
  • Creating inclusive environments that support pupils behaviour and attendance
  • Exploring online alternative provision to cater to individual and complex needs
  • Preparing pupils for transition to mainstream education or suitable post-16 destinations
  • Building a skilled workforce that can deliver child-centred support provision

Venue details

In-person: This conference will take place in central Newcastle. Attend this full-day event to network, build relationships, and learn from your peers.


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