This is a past event. Enquire to purchase the content and materials on demand.

Event Summary

Westminster Insight’s Conduct and Standards in Public Life Online Training will provide timely and practical guidance for providers of public services.  Attend to learn how to build a strong ethical framework and embed it into your organisational culture.  How do you improve Codes of Conduct, raise standards across public services and ensure compliance? What do you do when failures occur?

The independent Committee on Standards in Public Life has called for reforms to standards across Government and to strengthen the role of ethical regulators. It is vital for those delivering public services to keep up to date with potential challenges and changes on the horizon.

Attendees will participate in discussions and scenarios during this interactive one-day training. Strengthen your confidence to address challenges within your organisation.

Key Points

  • Developing and embedding a strong Code of Conduct and developing standards across your organisation
  • Strengthening leadership and workplace culture
  • Recognising and responding to pressures that lead to failures
  • Managing misconduct through enforcement and sanctions
  • Limiting reputational damage and rebuilding public trust when failures occur