Event Summary

In May the Department for Education published draft guidance on Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health education in the classroom including legal duties which schools must comply with and  how to deliver high quality, evidence-based teaching.

Join Westminster Insight’s timely Relationships, Sex and Health Education in Schools conference in September 2024 to hear practical guidance for developing a high-quality, age-appropriate RSHE curriculum.

Hear from Dame Lesley Regan who chaired the RSHE review independent expert panel on next steps for the guidance including curriculum development, parent engagement and protect children and young people. We will provide clarity on a range of issues including safeguarding, gender identity and the future of sex education for schools preparing to implement the guidance.

You will hear from key stakeholders on how the new guidance can be implemented effectively, moving towards a focus on wellbeing and adopting a student and parent first approach.

Looking beyond the new guidance, we will explore how to deliver high-quality RSHE in an increasingly complex world, discussing how to incorporate young people’s views into the curriculum and engage positively with parents and families.

Designed for both primary and secondary schools, you will learn strategies to teach sensitive topics, embedding curriculum development and inclusive initiatives to meet the needs of students.

What does effective RSHE look like? Learn from primary and secondary schools who have taken proactive steps to develop age-appropriate content, provide training for staff and embed collaboration between external agencies to improve learning opportunities.

Network with colleagues from across primary and secondary schools to help you develop a high-quality RSHE curriculum that is inclusive of all.

Key Points

  • Delivering high quality RHSE education and safeguarding children
  • Understanding how to monitor and assess RSHE teaching and learning
  • Embedding positive parental engagement and trust
  • Learning from insightful school case studies on delivering the RSHE curriculum: overcoming challenges and ensuring success

Venue Details

This in-person conference will take place at 20 Cavendish Square, London. Attend this half-day event to network, build relationships and learn from your peers.