Public Sector Training Courses

Strategic thinking

Strategic Thinking Online Training

Tuesday 27th February 2024

Public Sector Training Courses
Public Sector Training Courses

Strategic Planning Online Training

Thursday 14th March 2024

Public Sector Training Courses
Public Sector Training Courses

Briefings and Submissions Online Training

Wednesday 27th March 2024

Public Sector Training Courses
Public Sector Training Courses

Westminster Insight offers effective public sector training programmes, focusing on developing the necessary skills for sensitive communication, robust recruitment practices, media engagement, and project management.

Our courses are tailored to enhance the competencies of professionals in handling critical conversations, ensuring the safety of vulnerable groups, crafting impactful press communications, and managing projects and programmes efficiently. These programmes are designed with a practical approach, enabling immediate application in the public sector to improve service delivery and organisational effectiveness.

Courses include:

  • Leadership in the NHS
  • Safer Recruitment in Social Care
  • Transitional Safeguarding
  • Trauma-Informed Care

Learning Outcomes

Our public sector training courses offer valuable learning outcomes, including
• Enhanced Skills
• Career Advancement Prospects
• Networking Opportunities

Benefits of Public Sector Training

Public Sector training merges the convenience and flexibility of enhancing professional skills from anywhere with the targeted benefits understanding the barriers to strategic thinking in the organisation and how to address them.
Our public sector training courses are for those looking to advance skills without the constraints of a traditional classroom setting. They are particularly beneficial for managers seeking effective strategies to address performance issues and professionals looking to master conflict resolution, learn techniques for effective control and deliver projects effectively. Our courses are an excellent resource for gaining the confidence to contribute to strategic planning in your organisation.

Who Should Attend?

Our online public sector courses are suitable for a wide range of public sector roles. For those working to connect people with community health services, there’s a course on social prescribing. And if you’re new to handling complaints in any public sector role, there’s a course designed to boost your skills and confidence in dealing with challenging situations.

CPD Accreditation

Westminster Insight offers industry recognised qualifications accredited by The CPD Certification Service. Our structured, practical and methodical training guarantees continuous development at a pace that suits you.