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Event Summary

A fifth of the working age population has a disability, and the number of individuals with a long-term health condition is increasing each year, according to the latest Government statistics*. Disability inclusion for employers should be a top priority – embracing disability inclusion is not a choice, but a business necessity.

Westminster Insight’s Disability Inclusion in the Workplace Digital Conference is the perfect opportunity to put your questions to Disability Confident Leaders who specialise in unlocking the potential of disabled talent and supporting those with long-term conditions in the workplace.

This event will be delivered virtually via our custom conferencing platform to improve accessibility. Book on to watch the content and network remotely with colleagues from across the UK from the comfort of your own home/workspace.

*Gov Family Resources Survey Financial Year 2020

Key Points

  • Employer legal responsibilities for disability inclusion & long-term health conditions
  • Increasing disability representation through inclusive recruitment
  • Progressing and developing disabled talent
  • The role of disability resilience and inclusive language in disability inclusion
  • Meeting the accessibility needs of disabled staff working remotely or hybrid
  • Empowering neurodiverse staff in the workplace and identifying hidden disabilities
  • Reasonable adjustment best practice
  • Adopting intersectional approaches to disability inclusion