Customer Service Training Courses

Westminster Insight offers a variety of customer service training courses designed to improve skills in communication, handling challenging situations and managing complaints.  Courses include handling demanding customers, managing anti-social behaviour in housing, investigating escalated complaints, and dealing with conflict.

We also offer specialised training in supporting vulnerable customers, complaint handling, and developing influencing and negotiation skills. These courses are tailored to equip participants with practical tools and strategies for effective customer service and conflict resolution, enhancing their professional capabilities and service quality.

Courses include:

  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Complaint Handling
  • Mediation
  • Supporting Vulnerable Customers

Learning Outcomes

Our customer service training courses offer valuable learning outcomes, including:

  • Enhanced skills: Participants of our Westminster Insight’s customer service training courses can expect to gain enhanced skills in conflict management, ASB case handling, complaints investigation, and dealing with challenging workplace behaviour.
  • Career advancement prospects: Acquire critical skills in handling conflict situations understanding key influencing strategies and negotiation techniques. These competencies are vital for career progression in customer service, public relations, and management roles.
  • Networking opportunities: Our courses foster valuable industry connections that can aid in mentorship, and professional growth in the customer service sector. In group sessions, participants can also share experiences and learn from case studies, creating a collaborative learning environment.

Benefits of Customer Service Training Courses

Our customer service training courses offer the convenience and flexibility of enhancing professional skills from anywhere.

Our courses provide crucial skills for handling complex customer interactions effectively, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust. Furthermore, standardised training across all staff levels ensures a consistent, high-quality customer service experience. This investment in customer service training improves skills and heightens customer loyalty, potentially boosting business revenue. Moreover, a well-trained team is a confident and happier workforce, leading to improved performance and a positive work environment.

Who Should Attend?

Our customer service training courses are designed for professionals interacting with customers or handling customer-related issues including:

  • Customer service representatives
  • Housing professionals
  • Service managers
  • Team leaders
  • Complaints teams

The courses are also beneficial for anyone dealing with difficult people and conflict in the workplace. They are equally valuable for seasoned professionals looking to enhance their skills in conflict resolution, anti-social behaviour case management, and influencing and negotiation skills.

CPD Accreditation

Westminster Insight offers industry recognised qualifications accredited by The CPD Certification Service. Our structured, practical and methodical training guarantees continuous development at a pace that suits you.