Event Summary

It could take a decade for the gap in attainment between disadvantaged pupils and their peers to return to pre-pandemic levels.* It is vital that you are making the best use of your pupil premium funding to help disadvantaged pupils of all abilities to achieve their full potential.

Secure your place at Westminster Insight’s annual Pupil Premium Digital Conference to gain practical guidance from expertslocal authorities, primary and secondary schools.

This conference will help you to put in place a robust, evidence-based pupil premium strategy and deliver impactful pupil premium interventions. Gain a clear understanding of your duties for reportingevidencing outcomes and ensure readiness for inspection day.

What can you do to support and motivate colleagues to engage with your strategy? You will learn how to respond to pupil premium challenges as they emerge.

Disadvantaged pupils are 20%** more likely to have a persistent absence rate. Our experts will explore effective interventions to address learning gaps and tackle persistent absences among disadvantaged pupils. We will also focus on interventions to support Looked After Children and pupils with SEND.

Bringing together Headteachers and Senior Teams, School Business Managers, Heads of Pupil Premium, Inclusion, Virtual Schools, SENDCOs and more, take the opportunity to network and share learnings with leaders from across the country on our interactive digital platform.

*The Public Accounts Committee, June 2023

**Pupil attendance in schools’ publication, Department for Education

Key Points

  • Outlining what funding is available to you under the pupil premium
  • Using pupil premium funding to address attainment and attendance gaps
  • Providing targeted academic support in the wake of the pandemic
  • Mapping out the barriers and challenges of disadvantaged pupils in your school
  • Evidence-based practice to design an effective pupil premium strategy
  • Demonstrating the evidence on which your spending is based
  • Sustaining your strategy through continuously monitoring outcomes
  • Effectively supporting Looked After Children and pupils with SEND through pupil premium
  • Ideas for your school in supporting pupils facing poverty
  • Ensuring that your pupil premium data is ready for Ofsted inspection