Event Summary

The latest DfE figures show a persistent absence rate of 20.3% in Autumn 2023.*

While this figure has fallen slightly from the previous year, there is a long way to go to achieve pre-pandemic attendance levels or better.

Westminster Insight’s Improving School Attendance Conference in Manchester will explore the latest policy guidance and practical solutions for improving attendance and supporting persistently absent children back to school.

The DfE are building on existing attendance programmes through attendance hubs and mentors, and updating their guidance for children, teachers and schools. What will this mean in practice for your work with the most persistently absent and vulnerable children?

Persistent absenteeism reflects a complex web of issues that extend beyond absence. This event will address how schools and multi-agencies can work together to support the most vulnerable children and their families, and to tackle issues relating to safeguarding, poverty, SEMH, illness, anxiety, and mental health. How can you address the underlying barriers to attendance and tailor support?

Every child, regardless of their circumstances, should have access to an efficient, fulltime education tailored to their age, abilities, or additional needs. With a spotlight on Children Missing Education (CME), understand how data can be used to track the most vulnerable children and identify, find and re-engage children not receiving regular education.

Join us at this timely event in Manchester to hear from a variety of schools, policy makers, and educational experts who will share invaluable insights, best practice case studies, and strategies that work.

* Explore education statistics – 25 January 2024

Key Points

  • Hear from DfE Attendance Adviser, Victoria Franklin about the latest policy guidance on persistent absence and support for disadvantaged pupils.
  • Gain invaluable advice and techniques from the leader of the very first Attendance Hub at Northern Education Trust.
  • Learn how to manage illness, anxiety, and mental health and the impact on school attendance.
  • Hear School-Home Support talk about their whole family support model, endorsed by The Education Select Committee.
  • We will share the latest guidance on multi-agency working to identify, find and re-engage Children Missing Education (CME) and prevent children from falling out of school.
  • We will share best practice support and engagement for Emotionally Based School Avoidance.
  • Explore how to support students with Special Education Needs (SEND) and those in Alternative Provision (AP) to improve attendance.
  • Find out how to support the most vulnerable children and their families to overcome specific barriers to attendance and get more children back into school.