Event Summary

Organisations where it’s safe to fail are more likely to succeed.

Cultivating psychological safety in an organisation will help you to create a positive work culture, improve your team’s performance and foster a sense of belonging.

Join our Psychological Safety in the Workplace Online Training to learn how to create an environment where individuals feel safe to be vulnerable, take risks, and challenge the status quo, leading to improved collaboration and innovation.

How can leaders increase psychological safety in their teams? Which tools and behaviours will improve safe management approaches? In this highly interactive training, you will review good practice for managing high performing teams. Small changes can improve employee wellbeing, satisfaction and maximise engagement and retention.

Understand how psychological safety can become the bedrock of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), allowing you to create a more open, diverse and representative organisation.

This one-day course will challenge you to analyse your behaviours, lean into discomfort and provide you with the tools to manage difficult conversations.