Event Summary

The public sector is under increasing threat from data breaches. As the public sector becomes more digital, it is vital that there are robust protection and procedures in place to prevent and manage a data breach. Failure to handle a breach well could result in long term damage to public trust, your reputation and perhaps lead to a fine or other enforcement action.

Attend this one-day workshop ‘Preventing and Responding to a Data Breach’ and learn how to identify and respond to a data breach robustly and effectively.

Designed for public and private sector organisations, this workshop will take you through the key steps in the lifecycle of a data breach:

  • Identifying a data breach
  • Key threats and common types of data breach (both cyber and non-cyber)
  • Acting decisively in the first 24 hours!
  • Risk assessment and damage control
  • Complying with legal processes and reporting procedures
  • Learning lessons from past experience

This course will help you to develop strategies to enhance your procedures and protect your organisation from serious financial, reputational, legal and other risks.

Through a range of interactive exercises using different real-life scenarios you’ll be able to raise questions, discuss risks, consider actions to take and test your skills.

Expert speakers will share their experiences of advising high profile organisations. Their knowledge of recent incidents will help you embed learnings into your own response plan.