Event Summary

Handling Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs ) can be time consuming and complex for organisations, if they don’t have robust procedures in place. Organisations need expertise and structure to respond within tight timeframes.

Whether you deal with a high volume of requests or few but complex DSARs, this Handling Data Subject Access Requests training course will help you assess and optimise your approach and implement more effective processes from receipt to response.

Can you easily locate and extract personal data? Find out the importance of well-designed and maintained information management systems.

Join this highly interactive online training to discuss different scenarios, we will review best practice and compare responses to requests from disgruntled customers or former employees.

Avoid staff confusion, backlogs, and the risk of non-compliance by establishing a clearly defined procedure. Ensure staff involved are trained to identify, respond and escalate a request when needed.

Raise your challenges in a confidential environment and get expert feedback from our trainer.