Event Summary

Attend Westminster Insight’s 2nd Annual Retail Sustainability UK Conference in London to hear from industry leaders and real life examples of brands from across the retail sector that are achieving sustainability success. Sessions will cover all of the key issues to enable you to ramp up delivery of your sustainability strategy and help you understand what the UK retail sector’s commitment to net zero by 2040 means for your business.

Updated for 2024, this conference will explore key themes including circularity and waste management, carbon footprint reduction, supply chain decarbonisation and the impact of UK Government regulations including Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Plastic Packaging Tax.

Ahead of charges in 2025, understand what the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programme means for your business and get on top of your waste management responsibilities.

With circular business models such as resale and rental providing the potential to take over one-fifth of the global fashion market by 2030, hear the latest trends in reuse and upcycling. Continuing on the theme of waste management, explore how to incorporate circularity within your business model and operations in a cost-effective way that will deliver ROI for you.

Discover ways to measure and reduce your carbon footprint across your supply chain including packaging, recycling, online shopping, shipping and logistics. Explore how to work with suppliers to decarbonise your supply chain and gain clarity on scope 3 emissions.

Embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in your business operations. Tackle the financial, operational and regulatory risks of modern slavery and unethical work practices through rigorous auditing of your supply chain.

Wherever you are in your journey towards sustainability, you will leave this conference understanding the most valuable and useful steps to take to set out and achieve your environmental goals.

Network with colleagues over lunch and a drinks reception in central London.

Key Points

  • An update on UK Government regulations including key learnings from the Plastic Packaging Tax and forthcoming changes to the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programme
  • Waste-to-resource – trends in upcycling and reuse
  • Incorporating circularity into your business in a cost-effective and beneficial way
  • Measuring your impact and exploring what to do with the data collected to set targets and make the best choices for your business
  • Collaborating with other retailers and suppliers to achieve the same goals
  • Reducing your scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions across your supply chain, online shopping, logistics and delivery
  • Working with suppliers to improve traceability and sustainability in supply chains – emissions data, labour practices, safety conditions, pollution, and waste
  • How to avoid greenwashing and understanding the Green Claims Code
  • Innovations in shipping, delivery, packaging, labelling, and renewable resources
  • Latest insight into consumer behaviour and demands including approach to environmental labelling