Course Summary

Women between the ages of 45 and 54 make up a fifth of all NHS employees, who could be experiencing menopausal symptoms.*

How do you ensure health colleagues get the support they need to continue supporting patients. What workplace adjustments can be made in health settings?

Our Supporting Women Working in the NHS through the Menopause online training course provides you with a deeper understanding of what the menopause is, how it might affect staff and your legal duties in relation to those experiencing the menopause.

This training will help line managers and HR teams understand what they can do to retain and support a key part of their workforce. From nudges to transform organisational culture, to accessible practical tools that can be implemented on a daily basis. We will review the NHS Guidance for line managers and colleagues.  Take away a checklist with easy top down and bottom up approaches you can implement in your organisation.

With equality and intersectionality in mind, we will discuss how people might experience the menopause differently and account for a wide range of symptoms based on ethnicity, culture and morbidities.

Gain confidence and practical tools to create inclusive spaces for people going through the menopause to feel safe to voice their needs, and line managers feel equipped to respond and support them.

In this highly interactive training course, you can raise the particular challenges you have within your team or organisation, and hear what other peers are doing to support menopause in the workplace.

*NHS England: Supporting our NHS people through menopause: guidance for line managers and colleagues 2022