Course Summary

This one-day online course will share practical guidance and steps to investigate and resolve Stage 2 complaints.

Where a complaint has been escalated beyond frontline resolution, it is important that an efficient, fair, open and transparent investigation is carried out. This course is for service managers, team leaders and complaints teams involved in the investigation of stage 2 complaints.

Delivered by Stuart Purcell, experienced Chair of the National Complaints Manager Group, take away practical guidance for investigating complaints – Where to start, planning the investigation, identifying sources of information, asking questions and evaluating evidence. We will explore the role of the investigating manager and working with independent investigators.

How do you make and communicate good decisions, write reports, offer meaningful apologies? How do you adapt your processes if you have identified serious, high risk or high-profile issues? We will discuss remedies. And crucially, how to proof and improve your processes to embed learnings from service failures.

We will review timescales and what to do if there are delays. You will understand how to define viable timescales and resolve complaints early in the process – maintaining an escalation rate under 5%.

Regulators expect better performance around complaint handling and investigation, and service providers must review their policies to ensure efficiency. With an increasing number of complaints, do you have the right operational infrastructure in place? How do set up your complaints infrastructure to optimise team resource?

You will receive a toolkit and useful templates to draft responses and troubleshoot your complaint handling process. Benchmark your processes against others and learn how you can implement changes for improved outcomes.