Course Summary

The impact of your emails, website and social media posts depends on how widely the content is understood by all audiences. Creating accessible content improves your chances of getting the message across.

With over 16 million people in the UK living with a disability, including your colleagues, target audience and stakeholders, can you do anything to improve the readability of your messages?

This one-day training course provides you with step-by-step guidance to ensure your documents are easy to read, faster to write and more friendly to understand.

Are you losing your audience by using unnecessary jargon? Hear from our expert guest speaker who will walk you through the 7 principles of plain English.

Understand how to label images, use colour contrast guidance, make best use of headings, font and sizes in your text. You will review how different platforms offer accessibility checks and the different customising options that make your documents easier to read, including PDFs.

This training will help all of those involved in communications including marketing, web design, content and social media managers to get content right from the outset, to avoid the extra work of correcting it at a later stage.

Attend this highly interactive course to put your skills to practice, learn from collective feedback and raise your questions in our expert surgery.