Course Summary

Domestic abuse can impact every aspect of the sufferer’s life including their professional life.  Often, the workplace maybe one of the few places where they feel safe enough to speak out about their experiences and even ask for support.

Our Domestic Abuse Support in the Workplace online training is designed to help you recognise the warning signs, understand the adverse effect and importance of safeguarding and supporting vulnerable staff in the workplace.

You will gain practical guidance on how to develop and implement policies to appropriately address domestic abuse, raise awareness and create a safe and supportive environment.

This course is designed for managers, leaders and HR teams to ensure you can handle disclosures of domestic abuse and know how to adopt a trauma-informed approach when communicating with the vulnerable individuals.

By attending this course, you will understand how to effectively support by offering flexible work arrangements, counselling, and signposting to external organisation to better help staff affected by domestic abuse.