Event Summary

1 in 4* women consider leaving the workplace whilst experiencing the menopause. Employers must be prepared to support and make reasonable adjustments for people who experience the menopause.

Our one-day interactive online training will deepen your understanding of the different experiences of women going through menopause.

This interactive training will be facilitated by Deborah Garlick, founder of Henpicked, who will share guidance on how your organisation can best support menopausal women in the workplace. Learn how to create a menopause policy or toolkit that improves your organisation’s strategy and encourages an open-door policy.

You will review your legal duties to avoid making common mistakes. Understand how and when to make reasonable adjustments to create a thriving workplace that meets the needs of people experiencing the menopause.

Take away practical skills and share knowledge by participating in breakout groups. Learn from others to understand how you can implement a successful menopause strategy.

* NHS Employers