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Event Summary

Crimes such as rape and sexual assault, domestic abuse, forced marriage, stalking, harassment, and digital crimes including cyber-flashing, revenge porn and up-skirting are taking place every day. Advancements have been made to tackle offences that disproportionately affect women and girls, but there are still too many instances of victims and survivors being let down.

Westminster Insight’s Digital Conference explores progress made against key commitments in the Government’s Violence Against Women and Girl’s Strategy.

Benefit from ground-breaking collaborations and findings from the Rape Review to reform rape investigations and prosecutions. Hear innovative case studies of partnership working from Home Office funded initiatives such as the Safer Streets Fund and Safety of Women at Night Fund.

A must attend for police, criminal justice, local authorities, education providers, health, housing, social care and the third sector, you’ll hear from a senior line up of experts and practitioners who will address the need to strengthen joint working between organisations to effectively address VAWG.

Taking place online, this timely half-day national event highlights co-ordinated approaches to improve the safety of women and girls in the home, at work, in education, online and in public spaces.

Our expert speakers cover a range of issues and offer solutions that can be adapted and utilised in your own communities.

Key Points

  • Progress made implementing the Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy and Domestic Abuse Act
  • Improving reporting rates by raising confidence in law enforcement and the criminal justice system and providing better support for victims
  • Findings of the Rape Review – reforming the investigation and prosecution of rape and serious sexual assault
  • Preventative measures to achieve a reduction in VAWG, including education, awareness raising and improving the safety of public spaces
  • Tackling online offences including new digital crimes such as cyber-stalking, cyber-flashing and revenge porn
  • Safeguarding victims of stalking and prosecuting perpetrators