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Event Summary

Join  us online for Westminster Insight’s annual University Admissions Digital Conference. Unpick the learnings from 2022-23 and explore how admissions will work for the upcoming cycle with the ongoing challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. What are the implications of Covid-19 exam disruption on admissions?  Our expert speakers will discuss how the admissions system can be revised to improve the prospects of underrepresented applicants.

Moving to a post qualification admissions model has been currently shelved by the DfE, but that does not mean that there is no room for improvement to the system or potential for reforms in the future. What are the options for improving access, fairness, and transparency in admissions?

Join live discussions about how the admissions process can be improved to widen participation in higher education to disadvantaged groups and mature students. Discuss the international admissions landscape and how to overcome challenges for foreign students applying to study in the UK.

Share ideas and network with peers from across higher education, further education, and schools.

Key Points

  • Preparing for and managing the 2023-24 University Admissions cycle
  • Examining how the admissions system will respond to the impact of Covid-19 disruption
  • Revamping the admissions system to ensure transparency, fairness and improve the prospects of underrepresented applicants
  • Incorporating the effect of lockdowns and exam disruption on educational attainment into admissions decisions
  • Widening participation for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented groups
  • Supporting students to make successful applications and engaging with them throughout the decision-making process
  • Improving international student recruitment and mitigating against the effects of Brexit, the pandemic and admissions reforms