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Event Summary

“Transitional safeguarding requires changes in practice and across systems involving all agencies”*

For many young people, safeguarding needs continue well beyond their eighteenth birthday – yet gaps between children’s and adult’s safeguarding services often mean that they do not receive the care and support they require as they enter adulthood.

Attend Westminster Insight’s Transitional Safeguarding Workshop to hear how to develop a more collaborative and fluid approach to safeguarding and improve outcomes for those at risk as they enter adulthood.

Multi-agency approaches and collaborative working are crucial to ensure success.

Participate in an interactive ‘Ask the Experts’ session, gain insight into how to develop a truly collaborative approach to safeguarding that bridges the gap between children’s and adult’s safeguarding services.

Network with colleagues from across sectors and hear the latest best practice. Take away practical insights on how to implement transitional safeguarding practices in your setting, and improve outcomes for those at risk.

We recommend attendance at the Safeguarding adults conference, taking place in the morning on the same day, The half-day conference will update you on the latest guidance to raise standards of improve adults safeguarding practices.

*Bridging the Gap: transitional safeguarding and the role of social work with adults (June 2021)

Key points

  • Hear from experts on the benefits and principles of transitional safeguarding
  • Best practice in collaborative working: bridging the gap between children’s and adults safeguarding services
  • Identifying young people most at risk and enabling easier access to services
  • Providing better tailored support for young people  in cases involving exploitation.