Event Summary

Just 43% of victims would report a crime again based on their previous experiences of the criminal justice system. Just half would attend court again, down from 67% in 2020.*

The Victims and Prisoners Bill, introduced in March 2023, represents an opportunity to strengthen and transform the way victims of crime are supported and interact with the justice system and enshrines the Victims’ Code by putting it on a statutory footing.

Some of the other measures proposed in the Bill include:

  • Overhaul of the parole system
  • Giving ministers powers to direct the inspection of justice agencies that are failing victims
  • A new statutory duty on Police and Crime Commissioners, health and local authorities in England to work together when commissioning support services for victims of sexual violence, domestic abuse and serious violence
  • Giving Police and Crime Commissioners a greater role in overseeing local compliance monitoring of the Victims’ Code
  • Making it easier for the victims to make complaints to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO)
  • Introduction of statutory guidance for ISVAs and IDVAs

Westminster Insight’s Transforming Services for Victims Conference will bring together the key national and local organisations from across criminal justice agencies including police, local authorities, health, courts, probation, prisons, parole board and third and voluntary organisations.

Attend to learn how to improve victims’ experience of the criminal justice system and explore ways to put victims at the heart of the justice system. Address the challenges around delivering justice for victims and services that are responsive and fast.

You will hear how to build stronger and effective collaboration between the key agencies supporting victims, improve information sharing, set up efficient commissioning strategies, provide effective support for the most vulnerable victims and witnesses and the work to improve court and post-trial experience.

*Victims Commissioner Survey 2021

Key Points

  • Hear from the key criminal justice agencies on improving services for victims
  • Explore the new role of Police and Crime Commissioners in Victims’ Code compliance monitoring
  • Ensure that the needs of child victims are met through facilitating the flow of information between the key agencies
  • Explore how to improve the court experience and communication with victims at trial
  • Ensure compliance with the Victims’ Code and improve partnership with the key criminal justice partners
  • Improve the post-trial support for victims