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Event Summary

Join us online for Westminster Insight’s Developing a Women’s Health Strategy Conference to review next steps for meeting the needs of all women in healthcare. Attend to hear how the vision to improve women’s health outcomes is taking shape and how healthcare providers need to address gender inequality across a variety of services.

We will explore how to address the data and research gap to inform approaches towards women’s healthcare. You will learn from first-hand experiences to better understand the needs of women.

Improve your public messaging and communication across communities so all women are empowered to make decisions about their own healthcare.

Gain practical insights on how to equip your workforce to provide high quality healthcare services for women and tackle inequalities in healthcare across vulnerable minority groups, socially disadvantaged women, the LGBTQ+ community, and women in custody.

Improve women’s health outcomes across the life course.  We will focus on priority areas such as menstrual health,  gynaecological conditions, fertility and pregnancy, menopause and  peri-menopause, healthy ageing and the management of long-term conditions.

How can healthcare practitioners spot signs of, and support women experiencing, or at risk of, domestic abuse? Taking a multi-agency approach, hear how to safeguard women and girls from violence in the healthcare setting.

Key Points

  • Next steps towards the Women’s Health Strategy  
  • Increasing the visibility of women in healthcare  
  • Taking a lifecycle approach to women’s health  
  • Equipping practitioners with skills, resources and knowledge to improve women’s health
  • Understanding what women need from healthcare 
  • Improving public awareness and education on women’s health  
  • Tackling inequalities in access to, and experience of, healthcare services  
  • Addressing the data and research gap 

The conference will be recorded and live streamed via a custom digital platform. The content will be available on demand for 14 days.