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Event Summary

Now more than ever, housing organisations are prioritising tenant engagement. From 1 April 2023, the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures come into force and landlords will start collecting data to report on their performance.

Join Westminster Insight’s biannual Tenant Engagement Digital Conference to hear from the regulator, housing providers and tenants. How will you meet the regulator’s expectations going forward? Hear examples of good tenant engagement and learn how approaches to tenant engagement are changing.

Gain best practice advice to help you create a robust engagement framework across your organisation and provide evidence for good engagement. Create KPIs to assess your organisation’s performance and demonstrate the Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM). Identify opportunities for improvement and bridge communication gaps between teams.

Beyond the TSMs, how will you navigate the new consumer regulations, keep pace with rising expectations and manage increased levels of scrutiny? You will hear how to support residents amidst the rising cost of living and learn how to involve vulnerable residents and overcome the particular challenges of engagement in supported housing. Explore the intersection between mental health, isolation and the economic situation.

Gain actionable advice on how to build Boards and teams that reflect diversity and widen engagement opportunities to reach a representative pool of tenants.

Our expert speakers will answer your questions and share best practice that will help you to improve your engagement outcomes.

Key Points

  • Understanding the Regulator’s expectations for the new TSMs
  • Collecting data, evidencing engagement and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Engaging tenants on key issues, including building safety, climate change, regeneration and repairs
  • Feedback, complaints and compliments: harnessing formal and informal opportunities for engagement
  • Responding in complex times: improving relationships post-pandemic and managing economic pressures
  • Tenant recruitment and involvement – simple steps to increase engagement uptake
  • Diversifying opportunities to widen the pool of involvement and including hard-to-reach residents
  • Tackling stigma and discrimination in engagement
  • Beyond TSMs –Sustaining tenant participation and positive relationships in the long-term.