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Event Summary

With growing levels of serious violence resulting in homicide in the UK, the Home Office have set targets to support forces and policing partners to reduce these crimes by 20%*.

As the Government ramps up efforts to reduce serious violence and homicide, public services will be legally bound to work together to tackle the root causes of violent crime.

The Serious Violence Duty came into effect in January 2023, placing a new legal requirement on a range of public sector organisations to work together to reduce incidents of violence, including knife and gun crime, and to prevent loss of life.

Attend to learn how to ensure compliance with the new Duty. Hear how health, education, prison, probation and local authorities are working in collaboration with policing through shared responses, joint initiatives, data sharing and effective partnerships to tackle the complex causes and drivers of violence.  

Spearheading a twin-track approach that combines tough policing with early intervention, Westminster Insight’s Conference will cover the latest effective police strategies including, hot spot policing, the use of Knife Crime Protection Orders (KCPOs) and the potential of Serious Violence Reduction Orders (SVROs).

Explore case studies of effective public health approaches from Violence Reduction Units to reach those at risk of violence early on to break the cycle of crime, including a particular spotlight on preventing young people from being drawn into serious violence and homicide.

*Home Secretary (October 2022)

Key Points

  • Multi-agency models to tackle serious violence and collaborating with extended partners under the new Serious Violence Duty
  • Effective law enforcement and criminal justice responses to serous violence
  • Analysing homicides and near misses to identify learning to prevent future deaths
  • Overcoming key barriers to effective youth engagement and early intervention to prevent serious violence