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Event Summary

Nearly one in 10 tenant households in England will fall behind on rent in this financial year*. Housing providers will have to make difficult decisions in 2023 which will impact tenancies and tenants already facing financial hardship during the cost-of-living crisis.

With the recent announcement to cap social housing rent increases to 7%, in England,  hear how organisations are preparing to communicate with tenants and ensure support is ready. The compounding effects of rising inflation for tenants and a rent cap for housing associations will create a hard balancing act.  Steps must be taken to provide targeted support and implement an effective income recovery strategy. 

Join Westminster Insight’s bi-annual conference to explore innovative strategies to support vulnerable tenants and help them to manage the rising cost of living. You will hear from leading person-centred approaches that mitigate the effects of financial hardship. Support those at risk via debt and welfare advice, mental health and employment support.

Review steps you can take to improve your financial inclusion strategy, build sustainable tenancies, promote tenant wellbeing, prevent evictions  and ensure organisational stability.

Hear practical advice from sector leaders on how to guide those working in benefits, engagement and income collection teams to support vulnerable tenants and manage arrears. 

* Centre for Economics & Business Research think tank

Key Topics

  • Reviewing your financial inclusion strategy to tackle the impacts of the cost of living crisis
  • Implementing support services to meet new needs and deliver long term solutions
  • Early intervention strategies to tackle financial hardship
  • Implementing an effective and sensitive income recovery strategy
  • Engaging hard-to-reach tenants and  preventing evictions
  • Embedding person centred approaches to effectively signpost benefits and wraparound services
  • Monitoring targeted interventions to measure impact on sustainable tenancies
  • Equipping staff to handle difficult conversations
  • Supporting the wellbeing of tenants