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Event Summary

An estimated 3.8 million low-income households across the UK are in arrears, many of whom were not in this situation before the pandemic and are now facing added pressures due to the increased costs of living.*

Join our annual Tackling Rent Arrears: Sustaining Tenancies Digital Conference to gain insights on the drivers of debt and leading responses to support tenants facing financial hardship.

We will explore the impact of inflation, fuel poverty and changes to UC – discover the different approaches that landlords are takitng to optimise available funding and support tenants.

Catalyst Housing Group will provide an opening address focussing on long-term solutions to support renters and tackle the housing crisis. Hear from Hyde Foundation about how they implemented an evidence-based action plan to communicate and engage effectively with tenants.

Support those at risk of tenancy failure via debt and welfare advice, health and social care advocacy, mental health and employment support. Explore pathways to reduce evictions. Go beyond income recovery responses and build more sustainable tenancies that add social value to your organisation.

Join live discussions and review opportunities to deliver improved services and sustainable tenancies.

*Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Key Points

  • Mitigating the impact of the rising cost of living on tenants
  • Implementing an effective income recovery strategy
  • Engaging hard-to-reach tenants and preventing evictions
  • Learning from customer insights to design targeted support services
  • Building partnerships to deescalating arrears
  • Delivering short- term responses and long- term solutions to support renters