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Event Summary

Drugs are having a ruinous effect on society, destroying lives, fuelling crime, and placing a huge strain on public services. Following an independent review calling for a whole system approach to tackle this issue, the UK Government announced a new 10-year strategy underpinned with a funding package of £3 billion that aims to cut crime and save lives associated with drugs misuse.

This announcement, along with recent commitments from the devolved administrations, signal a step change for drug policy in the UK.

Attend Westminster Insight’s timely ‘Tackling Drug Misuse Digital Conference’ to learn how this renewed strategy can support your work in providing people with a drug addiction the support needed to lead a stable and productive life.

It is vital to work in a multi-agency, person-centred approach. Hear examples from individuals working in, and leading local partnerships to deliver effective services. Get practical advice on how joined-up working can be implemented to offer early intervention initiatives to help break the cycle of drug misuse.

With a renewed focus on rebuilding treatment and recovery services, this conference will hear how the sector can overcome recruitment challenges, employ and empower staff with lived experience and improve case load management as funding returns.

Learn how enhanced harm reduction strategies could be implemented across the UK and hear first-hand from campaigner Peter Krykant on how he set up the UKs first, unsanctioned, drug consumption room. Understand how alternate approaches have been implemented internationally and discuss the merits for adoption in the UK.

Join us on our interactive digital platform to ask questions to senior speakers, and network with colleagues. Delegates will be able to view the content on demand for 14 days after the event.

Key Points

  • Keynote address from Dame Carol Black: Reviewing the Government’s 10-year drugs plan to cut crime and save lives
  • Hear practical learnings from Middlesbrough’s Diamorphine (Heroin) Assisted Treatment programme, a UK first, and the West Midlands Police DIVERT scheme.
  • Hear feedback from a Project ADDER pilot programme
  • Understand the long-term strategic outcomes of the new policy
  • Update on the national commissioning quality standard
  • Hear how services can better support young people
  • Solutions to rebuild treatment and recovery services
  • Overcome recruitment challenges: employing staff with lived experience and building career pathways
  • Learn the benefits of enhanced harm reduction strategies