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Event Summary

September 2021 marked the launch of the second wave of T Levels and a full year since the first students began studying. With several skills shortages across the UK, the national implementation of T Levels is important to overcome gaps in key areas such as technology, construction, and social care.

Join Westminster Insight’s T Levels Digital Conference to learn how to implement, deliver and design T Levels. You will hear how to work with employers and awarding bodies to ensure the successful delivery of courses including industry placements, teaching core skills, and sharing expert knowledge.

Gain insight from colleges who are already delivering T Levels on how to develop a T Levels Strategy before the national roll-out in 2024. Discover how to prepare and upskill staff to develop engaging core programme content and provide T Level programmes that reflect the requirements of the awarding body.

Engage with experts and pre-submit your questions about T Level implementation and delivery to gain advice and guidance. Network with and learn from experienced providers, sharing ideas to help you move forward with T Levels successfully.

This full-day event will be delivered live from a custom digital platform. Network with colleagues online and view the content on demand for 14 days after the event.

Key Points

  • Prepare and plan for the national roll-out of T Levels: explore the T Levels Action Plan 2021
  • How to build strong relationships with employers to inform delivery and provide industry placements
  • How to access and use funding for T Levels
  • T Levels one year on: learning from current college providers
  • Upskilling staff to embed sector-based specialisations, technical skills, and placements in the curriculum
  • Working with awarding bodies to improve assessment and met requirements