Event Summary

Both employers and employees have legal and practical responsibilities for lone worker safety. Working alone can present a wide range of risks. Our Lone Worker Online Training will provide practical guidance to help you assess risk in different situations and keep your employees safe.

Join this interactive course to understand your legal duties, and take away useful insights that will be helpful for managers, HR professionals and lone workers.

Overcome the practical challenges of lone working and understand coping mechanisms and practical measures to thrive as a lone worker.

With limited supervision and contact with managers, training lone workers can be a challenge. In addition to competency reviews and performance targets, lone workers need an understanding of the extra steps they might need to take to stay safe.

We will highlight safe working practices and focus on practical solutions such as joint visits, PVP lists, panic buttons/alarms. We will review policies and processes to monitor and protect lone workers.

Establish an action plan to support lone workers in an emergency, signpost support and ensure they  know how to act under pressure.

We will focus on the observational skills that lone workers can develop for greater protection, and tips for dealing with aggressive customers. You will receive guidance on the language that can be used to diffuse a situation.

Attend interactive half-day training to learn from others and from the experiences of lone workers, and ensure you are fulfilling your duty to protect lone working employees.

Key Points

  • Understanding personal safety
  • Reviewing lone working policy guidance and responsibilities of employers
  • Equipping lone workers with skills and knowledge they need to work safely and thrive
  • Implementing safe working practices and monitoring processes to reduce risk
  • Risk assessing different situations and knowing when and who to ask for help
  • Developing and implementing an effective emergency plan