Event Summary

Speeches are powerful tools to communicate, persuade and invoke action. In today’s connected world, speeches may be broadcast on the news or viewed across the world on social media – it is essential to get them right.

Whether you are publicly speaking yourself, or writing a speech on behalf of someone else, there are a range of techniques that can dramatically improve the impact of your speech. These techniques can be used in a wide range of contexts: presentations, evidence sessions, public addresses and non-scripted speeches. Learn how to bring a new level of artistry and style to your approach.

At this highly interactive, face-to-face event, take away best practice for drafting, editing and delivering speeches. You will have the opportunity to practice your skills and develop your confidence in public speaking by drafting and editing a short speech. In this training you will receive constructive feedback from the expert trainer and course colleagues.

NB Participants are recommended to bring some material as a starting point for assembling their (short) draft speech during the course.

Key Points

  • Draft an effective speech with a clear objective and the audience in mind
  • Edit a speech for greater focus and impact
  • Improve confidence in delivery – body language, tone, pitch, emphasis and rhythm
  • Use rhetorical devices and humour to enhance speeches