Event Summary

Employers and industries are increasingly focussing on socio-economic diversity as part of their inclusion strategies.

Join Westminster Insight’s Social Mobility in the Workplace Conference to discover the steps you can take to make your organisation more socially mobile.

Learn how to deliver a compelling vision of socio-economic inclusion in your workplace. You’ll hear from the Social Mobility Commission about making social mobility a priority, and the wider benefits to the economy that workplace social mobility creates.

There remains a wide pool of diverse talent capable of adding value to your organisation. To access this talent, you’ll need to address any disparities in outreach, and develop inclusive recruitment processes that ensure an equal chance of success for applicants from all socio-economic backgrounds. Grant Thornton will share insights on how they designed their award-winning recruitment programme, and how you can do it too.

Improve workplace culture and retention by embedding socio-economic diversity across your organisation. Take action to tackle discrimination and challenge bias based on class or background. During our intersectionality panel discussion, we will highlight the multiple barriers facing staff from diverse backgrounds, and the need to account for gender, sexuality, race, religion alongside social class.

Progress on social mobility in the workplace only happens when action is evidence-led. Join us to hear directly from senior leaders and D&I experts, including a case study from Arts Council England, on how to identify the socio-economic backgrounds of applicants and workforces, and measure and monitor progress.

Finally, take steps to ensure that career progression remains open all staff, irrespective of background. Ensure that, after onboarding, you continue to provide appropriate career support, mentoring and development for your staff.

Join us on 5th July to make Westminster Insight’s Social Mobility in the Workplace Conference a part of your organisation’s socio-economic inclusion journey. Network with colleagues from a range of industries, grow your network, and gain new ideas.

Key points

  • The business case for investing in social mobility in the workplace
  • What practical steps your organisation can take to improve socio-economic inclusion
  • Data-led approaches – Identifying, monitoring and measuring socio-economic diversity
  • Improving recruitment and outreach to attract diverse talent
  • Creating a shared and intersectional vision for social mobility in your workplace
  • Opening up opportunities and removing barriers to progression

Venue Details

In-person – This conference will take place at the Institution of Structural Engineers, Bastwick Street, London.

Attend this full-day event in person to network, build relationships and learn from your peers.