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Event Summary

All schools are due an inspection by 2025.   This September, join us at our timely, established, and highly respected, bi-annual School Inspections Conference. The conference will run in a hybrid format, with both face-face and online access available.

The lockdown caused an unprecedented impact on education.  We will look at the challenges and successes for schools in the unchartered territory of post-lockdown inspections. Schools and key practitioners will share what they’ve learnt that can inform schools still waiting for inspections.

We’ll spotlight a variety of schools including schools that were recently inspected and achieved an outstanding rating, as well as those looking to improve.  You’ll hear first-hand experiences from schools and colleges who have gone through both the shorter and fuller inspections since last September.  We’ll examine areas of focus, like sexual harassment,  safeguarding and personal development and wellbeing. We’ll look at how to meet the standards set out in the new SEND inspection framework for 2023.

Choose to attend face-face or online.

Key Points

  • You’ll hear first-hand experiences from schools who have gone through both the shorter and fuller inspections since last September.
  • You will hear from schools who’ve retained their status, and those who’ve changed and those who are looking to improve.
  • We will focus on the experiences of outstanding schools. Newly prioritised under the EIF since last September, half of inspected outstanding schools have lost their outstanding status.  Useful case studies will share how can you retain/ regain it.
  • Learn how to present robust evidence and identify priorities for improvement, including: the Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Leadership and Management and the Personal Development of Pupils.
  • Following the review into sexual abuse in schools, we’ll share best practice examples on how you can demonstrate that your processes for tackling sexual harassment, online sexual abuse, and sexual violence are effective.
  • Useful case studies will highlight how to showcase SEND and safeguarding provision.   We’ll look at the SEND Green Paper and what it could mean for inspections.
  • Get invaluable tips on how schools, who have undergone inspection from 2021, presented the impact of Covid-19 on their school and their recovery journey.

Venue Details and Access

In-person – The conference will take place in the auditorium at the Institution of Structural Engineers, Bastwick Street, London, EC1V 3PS.

Attend this event in person to network, build relationships and learn from your peers.

Online – The conference will be recorded and live streamed via a custom digital platform. The content will be available on demand for 14 days.