Event Summary

Vacancies are up across all industries, and further falls in unemployment mean that there are now just 1.1 unemployed people per vacancy, the tightest labour market in at least fifty years.* Leaders are facing a double challenge to attract strong candidates, stemming from more competition, recruitment barriers due to Brexit, wage inflation and Covid-19. **

How do you attract and retain the best talent in an increasingly competitive market?
How can you remain competitive by adopting new ways of working in a post-Covid workplace?

In a labour market shortage, CEOs, managers and human resource teams must rethink their approach to attracting, retaining and engaging talent.

In this workshop you will hear how other companies have developed long-term talent strategies to mitigate the skills shortage. Ensure you prioritise talent to drive your business forward in a competitive market.

This highly interactive half-day workshop will offer practical guidance, scenario-based discussions and successful case studies for leadership, recruitment and talent development teams. Join your peers to discuss common challenges and exchange ideas that will help you rethink and improve your recruitment strategy.

*Resourcing and Planning Strategy Survey, CIPD. **IES, Labour Market Statistics, January 2022

Key Points

  • Rethinking your talent resourcing strategies and value proposition in a competitive market
  • Learning from other firms who have adopted long-term workforce strategies to mitigate the Brexit and Covid-19 impact
  • Attracting the best candidates from a diverse and strong talent pool
  • Adopting new ways of working to attract the best talent
  • Optimising your screening process, attracting the right candidates for your organisation.
  • Pathways to successful onboarding, team building and management approaches to improve retention
  • Retain talent through change