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Event Summary

Westminster Insight’s highly interactive  Digital Workshop is a unique opportunity to learn and share best practice for developing public sector contact centres. Ensure  that your operations are future-proofed and fit for purpose. This workshop will be led by Jamey Johnson, who personally managed the largest public sector contact centre operation in the history of the UK – NHS Test and Trace.

Contact centres played a vital role in maintaining access to public services during the pandemic, and were forced to transform processes overnight and implement new technologies at record pace. Looking to the future, public sector contact centres need to be robust, modern and effective at meeting the demands of customers.

  • What are the new priorities for public sector contact centres? How have customer expectations and behaviours changed?
  • What people, processes and technologies are essential for future success?
  • How can you scale your operations for changing situations?

The content of this workshop has been carefully tailored for those involved in the strategic transformation and delivery of contact centres from across the public sector.

Key Points

  • Developing preparedness for change and responding to future emergencies
  • Effective implementation of channel shift processes to manage customer demand
  • Leveraging technology to automate customer journeys and enable accessibility
  • Balancing the benefits and challenges of outsourcing operations compared to in-house
  •  Best practice for recruitment, retention and onboarding in a post-pandemic workplace