Event Summary

In the current context of heightened cyber security threats, the NCSC has urged organisations to take the steps to improve their resilience.

This workshop will provide you with the essential tools to assess your organisation’s vulnerabilities, review your contingency plans and upskill staff with easy steps to minimise your exposure to a cyber attack.

Learn how to develop an action plan that allows you to prevent, identify, contain and respond swiftly to a cyber attack when it happens.

You will get guidance on the easy and quick steps you can take to ensure your staff are aware of the fundamentals of cyber hygiene and safe digital behaviour. Promote staff buy in to protect your networks and devices, minimizing your risks from your weakest link.

Through a series of interactive sessions you will learn from high profile case studies, take part in live simulations with ethical hackers and get your questions answered on a surgery session.

This timely course is suitable for operational and technical roles in public and private sector looking to improve their business preparedness in a changing threat landscape.

Key Points

  • Learn from the experts on how to create or review your cyber incident response and business continuity plan
  • Understand current threats to big and small organisations
  • Review key frameworks and industry standards and engage with available support services
  • Bridging gaps between strategic and technical teams
  • Proofing your networks for hybrid and remote working
  • Easy steps to raise staff awareness as your first point of prevention
  • Protecting your organisation from reputational and financial risks
  • Data protection basics