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Event Summary

As the Government develops secondary legislation to ensure the implementation of the Building Safety Act, housing providers must take steps to prepare and demonstrate compliance.

This event will explore:

  • How to prepare for the implementation of the Building Safety Act
  • Next steps for upcoming enforcement and regulations
  • How to factor in costs for new developments and remediations on existing buildings
  • Which bodies will enforce regulation and policy changes?

The wide-ranging implications of the Building Safety Act will require effective recording of processes and new roles and responsibilities for duty holders. This conference will provide guidance to improve accountability from the registration, design and construction phases through to the management and remediation of existing buildings.

Hear from the DLUHC on the implementation of the Building Safety Act. The Head of Building Safety at Homes England will discuss available funding and recommendations for local authorities and housing associations.

Best practice perspectives will be shared from legal, design and development experts – attend to hear their expert advice on how to improve transparency and compliance.

Key Topics

  • The Building Safety Act: review changes and timescales
  • Prepare for upcoming regulations and review new enforcement powers
  • Recommendations for Housing Associations and Local Authorities
  • Exploring routes to compliance at every stage: procurement, design, construction and occupation phases
  • Navigating the new Gateway system: meeting requirements and expectations
  • Ensuring residents remain at the heart of the new building safety regime
  • Reviewing responsibilities for new duty holders
  • Sharing best practice from early adopters of the ‘Building a Safer Future’ Charter
  • The Golden Thread Initiative: best practice on record keeping and data insights