Event Summary

Confidence and personal impact are vital to career success and our ability to lead and influence others. Attend this online training to develop your knowledge, confidence and personal impact to perform more effectively at work.

The one-day course, led by expert trainer Tony Cash, will assist you to both appear and become more confident through practical and interactive exercises. Understand how you may be perceived in different contexts. Learn about the difference between being assertive and being aggressive or submissive.

You will hear strategies for getting into a confident mindset. Overcome the factors that hinder inner confidence. Deepen your resilience to handle stress and challenges. Improve your impact in meetings and presentations, both in-person and online. Feel empowered to build rapport and address conflict within your team.

Key Points

As a result of attending this training you will:

  • Be able to adopt a more confident mindset and be more aware of your strengths
  • Believe in your ability to make a strong impression in work situations
  • Improve your verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Understand how to be assertive without coming across as being negative or aggressive
  • Gain insights on how to influence colleagues and other people that you work with
  • Learn techniques to make your proposals more convincing
  • Improve your impact in presentations, meetings and pressured situations