Event Summary

Before the pandemic, managers were spending an average of 23 hours a week in meetings. Since then, the barriers to calling people together have come down, and remote working has increased the time spent in meetings. **The Economist

Meetings, if badly handled, absorb valuable resources, time and energy and make workdays longer. Good meetings will improve productivity and organisational growth.

Join our Managing Effective Meetings Online Training for practical guidance to improve your in-person, remote and hybrid meetings.

Ensure meetings successfully reflect your corporate culture and values – are they inclusive, engaging, collaborative, and organised?

Gain skills and review techniques to ensure that meetings only happen if needed, only involve those who are needed, and that they support effective discussion and decision-making.

Understand how to maximise your impact, whatever your role – chair, leader, notetaker or participant.

Course Outcomes

  • Develop criteria to assess the need and outcomes for the meeting
  • Understand how to develop meaningful meeting objectives
  • Best practice guidance to make online and hybrid meetings more effective
  • Tips for keeping teams engaged in meetings
  • Techniques for chairing meetings effectively
  • Increase your personal impact at meetings
  • Ensure that action points are followed up