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Event Summary

“Today’s education inequalities become tomorrow’s income inequalities.”*

Children eligible for pupil premium are twice as likely later in life to be out of education, employment or training with a higher risk of ending up in poverty as adults.** Research shows that there’s a correlation between deprivation and lower levels of achievement, and the pandemic has widened that gap.

It is important to make the most of your pupil premium funding to deliver targeted interventions that truly support disadvantaged children and work towards closing the attainment gap.

Join Westminster Insight’s ‘Making the Most of the Recovery and Pupil Premium’ Digital Conference to hear from experts and participate in insightful workshops. Discover how to maximise use of pupil premium funding, implement successful strategies and evidence progress.

We will navigate the latest updates on pupil and recovery premium policy for 2023 to 2024. We will explore what funding will be available and how to make the best use of your school’s resources.

You will gain practical insights on how to improve key areas, including literacy and cultural capital among disadvantaged pupils.

Learn from schools recognised as best practice by the Education Endowment Foundation and the current Minister for Schools, understand how they are delivering tailored support and raising aspirations for all pupils.

*Institute of Fiscal Studies
**Department of Education

Key Points

  • Working towards closing the attainment gap through the Pupil Premium
  • Using recovery premium to support disadvantaged pupils whose learning has been affected by the pandemic
  • Updates on pupil and recovery premium policy and funding for the academic year 2023/24
  • Maximising funding for your school
  • Next steps to improve literacy and encourage cultural capital among disadvantaged children
  • Workshop 1 – Getting the most out of Pupil and Recovery Premium and creating strategies that are evidence-based from inception
  • Workshop Session 2: Implementation, evaluation, writing strategy statements and navigating OFSTED inspections
  • Best practice from a range of schools (primary, secondary and PRU/Special School)
  • Learning from lived experience – Insights into the positive impacts of pupil premium