Event Summary

The UK will have a new Prime Minister by September 5 2022. What is next for the Levelling Up agenda, including funding and investment strategy?

The Government’s Levelling Up White Paper and, recent Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill are wide-ranging. The Government has launched four new community investment programmes, including the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF), for which investment plans are being reviewed now, for approval in October.

Our timely Levelling Up Conference shares expert insights into how you can devise and plan local levelling up strategies effectively, and how to access and benefit from community investment programmes. You’ll hear how to disentangle and understand the various funding streams, such as Community Ownership, and Levelling Up, to help you boost productivity and drive innovation, opportunities and growth in your community.

With input from experts, Government speakers, local stakeholders and politicians, we answer your burning questions: What’s next? How do you put a successful bid for funding together? What if your bid proves unsuccessful? How do you attract investment, and work successfully in partnership with local stakeholders? We spotlight key case studies, from across the country, on how to secure funding and demonstrate success by effective monitoring and evaluation.

Levelling up requires a focused, long-term plan and a clear framework to identify and act upon the drivers of spatial disparity. Hear how English devolution and empowering local leaders can be used effectively to increase opportunities and improve public services. We explore, through practical sessions and specialist panels, how funding can be effectively shared across cities and services prioritised, ensuring disadvantaged areas are not left behind.

Key Topics

  • What is next for the Government’s Levelling Up agenda? What are the ambitions for all parts of the UK by 2030?
  • An update from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) on how to bid for and access funding
  • Insights into plans for allocation of funding and simplification of local growth funding
  • What levelling up means for London and other, outwardly affluent areas with high deprivation in reality
  • How to boost local growth through strong innovation and create a climate conducive to private sector investment
  • How new devolution arrangements can empower local leaders to spread opportunity and improve services
  • Levelling up opportunities in infrastructure, transport, regeneration, planning
  • Cultural and emotional considerations, such as: how do you engender greater pride and a sense of place?