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Event Summary

With changes to statutory guidance on Keeping Children Safe in Education published last year, and a gradual increase in safeguarding referrals from schools to children services, effectively responding to safeguarding concerns is a priority for all schools and colleges. 

Join Westminster Insight’s Safeguarding Children in Schools Conference for expert guidance to help you foster a culture of safeguarding in your school or college to keep children safe from all forms of harm and abuse.

Two years on from the Ofsted review, how can schools and colleges continue to safeguard against child on child sexual violence and sexual harassment in schools?

You will learn how to foster a culture of safeguarding across the whole school and develop safer recruitment procedures for staff.

Additionally, attend focused workshops on developing robust safeguarding strategies, internet safety PSHE and RSE curriculums.

Join us online for the latest updates, best practice, and networking with colleagues.

Key Points

  • Understanding the important and unique role schools play in keeping children safe
  • Embedding best practice: effective multi-agency safeguarding partnerships
  • Understand the changes to statutory guidance: Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022
  • Identifying and protecting ‘at risk’ children: SEND, LGBT and Looked After Children
  • The evolving role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead: referrals, training and awareness, support
  • Guidance on safer recruitment procedures (pre-employment vetting and checks)
  • Implementing a robust safeguarding strategy
  • Creating and delivering effective PSHE and RSE curriculums
  • Creating safe spaces for children and staff to raise concerns and disclose information
  • Improving your safeguarding approach to sexual harassment in schools
  • Protecting children from online dangers including radicalisation and inappropriate content