Event Summary

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capability of an individual to operate effectively in a diverse range of cultural contexts.

Westminster Insight’s Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Training offers an introduction to CQ. It includes powerful case studies and practical scenarios, to help your personal development, and to support and strengthen the diversity and inclusion strategy in your workplace.

This expert, practical, and in-depth training opportunity challenges and encourages an exploration of your own experiences with the aim of highlighting your own CQ. It will support you to further develop relevant skills. It will enable a broader view of diversity and inclusion through a CQ lens.

Our specialist trainer will provide this invaluable training through an engaging mix of interactive sessions, practical case studies, and instruction, designed to ensure a really useful learning experience.

Use this event to contribute towards your continuing professional development.

Key Points

  • Discover what Cultural Intelligence (CQ) involves and why it is being introduced into the workplace now
  • Understand how to effectively measure and develop your own sense of CQ
  • Gain key insights into its building blocks, via the Four Capabilities, through our in-depth interactive session
  • Understand why it is critical to adopt CQ as part of your diversity and inclusion strategy, embedding it across all organisational functions
  • Hear best practice case studies on CQ in the workplace: boosting productivity, personal, and organisational success and reputation
  • Learn, from practical scenarios, why CQ is essential for inclusive and transformational leadership