Event Summary

Our Influencing Policy Makers online training is designed to help public, private and third sector organisations to inform and influence UK policy.

Participants will get a better understanding of the workings of government to know who, when and how to engage with key people to ensure success. Learn about the different ways to access government, including participating in consultationsproviding evidence and developing public campaigns.

This highly interactive course will allow you to put into practice your political analysis and communication skills. You will hear best practice from industry experts to develop comprehensive plan to influence policy.

You will gain insight into both the policymaker’s and campaigner’s perspective to understand how to get your message across with language, context and persuasion tools to maximise impact.

Key Points

  • Develop a good understanding of policy making processes
  • Be confident in mapping stakeholders
  • Hear from the CIPR and lobbying experts and understand the formal rules on lobbying
  • Preparing and adapting your message
  • Implementing effective strategies to engage with policy makers
  • Tools and tactics to maximise impact