Event Summary

In an incredibly busy digital environment, your message is so easily lost in the noise. It takes a lot of skill to attract and keep your audience’s attention. Join this interactive training to learn how to write well in a digital environment. Construct engaging, digital copy that audiences want to read. Learn how to redact your words to maximise the outcome and convert your reader’s attention into action. Ensure your message is clear, concise and accessible.

During this practical, online training, you will improve your writing and hone your digital copywriting skills. With plenty of time to ask your questions and receive feedback from the course leader, common problems will be unpicked and addressed throughout the day.

Sessions will cover

  • Secrets and Best Practice for Good Copywriting
  • Adapt your writing style for different platforms, audiences and messages
  • Writing clear, concise and correct copy
  • Using Plain English tools to improve readability and getting rid of ‘empty’ words
  • Planning your piece of writing and determining the audience
  • Writing SEO Driven content for websites – the basics
  • Improving your product descriptions
  • Writing emails with impact
  • Writing Social media

Key Outcomes

  • Refresh and improve your skills to write compelling copy that stands out
  • Improve your ability to write more creative, imaginative and authentic copy
  • Learn from the easy steps you can take to attract, keep and convert more of your audience
  • Practice your skills and get feedback on common challenges
  • Understand the basics of writing website copy that is SEO driven
  • Creating copy that aligns with your communication, house style and brand strategy
  • Avoiding common pitfalls – repetitive and prescriptive traps