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Event Summary

Join Westminster Insight’s Improving Maternity Services Briefing for a comprehensive update on the next steps to improve maternity services. We will review how to empower staff to deliver the best care possible, and how to empower women to make decisions about their care plans.

Chaired by Baroness Cumberledge CBE DL, independent chair to the original Better Births Review, you will hear from a senior line up of expert speakers and practitioners from across the profession.   Join this half-day online event to hear expert insights and practical guidance. How can you provide a continuity of care to support mothers and babies’ wellbeing throughout pregnancy, labour, and the postnatal period?

Using effective continuous professional training and development, ensure your staff have the skills to provide a high standard of care. Hear the latest guidance on how to remove barriers to accessing maternity care, improve maternity service delivery and perinatal care. Working within the community, learn how to increase the presence of midwives and address ethnic disparities in maternal health. We will examine ways to ensure that mothers have the right support for their mental wellbeing. You will hear from families who have experienced  the loss of a pregnancy or death of a baby to understand how you can provide sensitive and holistic care.

Key Points

  • Outlining the latest plans for improving maternity care
  • Empowering women to make decisions about their care plans
  • Learning from recent failures: examining the findings from the Ockenden review
  • Learning from patient safety incidents and reducing preventable harm
  • Ensuring you are meeting new mothers’ contraceptive needs
  • Creating a new image for careers in midwifery: improving recruitment and retention
  • Addressing the challenges and disparities in care for women of different ethnicities, socioeconomic status, and those in the LGBT+ communities
  • Implementing an anti-racist approach to maternity care
  • Taking a patient centred approach to maternity care and supporting perinatal mental health
  • Supporting families experiencing pregnancy loss or death of a baby