Event Summary

The NHS ambition is to provide the safest healthcare in the world for expectant mothers to give birth and transition into parenthood.*

Join Westminster Insight’s Improving Maternity Services Briefing to explore next steps for levelling-up maternity services. We will review how to empower staff to deliver the best care possible.

Who will be the next generation of midwives? Gain insight on how to create a new public image for what it means to be a midwife, addressing staff shortages and attrition.

Professor James Walker, Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB), will share insights on how you can improve clinical governance processes and provide continuity of care.

You will hear how to tackle the blame culture and make sure your staff feel valued and supported. Using effective continuous professional training and development, ensure your staff have the skills to provide a high standard of care.

Understand how to remove barriers both to accessing maternity care and maternity service delivery. Working within the community, learn how to increase the presence of midwives. We will explore lived experiences of BME women to address ethnic disparities in maternal health.

How can you support perinatal mental health throughout all the stages of service access? We will examine ways to ensure that mothers have the right support for their mental wellbeing. You will hear from families who have experienced  the loss of a pregnancy or death of a baby to understand how you can provide sensitive and holistic care.

* New taskforce to level-up maternity care and tackle disparities, Department for Health and Social Care (February, 2022)

Key Points

  • Next steps towards levelling-up maternity services
  • Building a new public image of what it means to be a midwife
  • Improving recruitment and retention of midwives
  • Tackling the blame culture
  • Removing barriers to maternity care and addressing disparities in services
  • Working in communities and maximising the influence of midwives
  • Reducing the ethnic inequity in maternity services and tailoring support to different cultures
  • Supporting perinatal mental health
  • Providing care to mothers and families who have experienced still birth or miscarriage

Venue Details and Access

In-person – The conference will take place in zone 1 in central London.  The venue will be announced shortly. Attend this half-day event in person to build relationships and learn from your peers. Meet leaders, role models, award-winning LGBT+ network groups and best practice employers who have embraced LGBT+ diversity at every level.

OnlineThe conference will be recorded and live streamed via a custom digital platform. The content will be available on demand for 14 days.