Event Summary

Hybrid working brings new complexities and challenges. As we move to a new hybrid working world,  managers and leaders are changing their approach to ensure success.

This one-day training will provide managers and leaders from across the public, private and voluntary sectors with practical tools, guidance and insights. 

How do you adapt your management style to build positive working relationships?  How do you ensure parity between staff working remotely and on-site? How do you motivate your teams during a cost-of-living crisis? How do you balance expectations across the office and working from home?

You will explore what an effective hybrid meeting looks like, and how to monitor performance. Take away strategies for recruitment, retention, onboarding and ensuring wellbeing in a hybrid work environment. We will discuss how some roles require more or less time in the office or workplace, and how to communicate this to your workforce.

Take part in practical exercises to improve your approach to management, leadership and communication in a new hybrid working world.

Key points

  • Building trust and fostering positive working relationships  in a hybrid working environment
  • Practical takeaways to  improve performance, productivity and retention during the cost-of-living crisis
  • Recruitment and interviews: creating a fair process reflective of hybrid working
  • Day 1, Week 1, Month 1: strategies for onboarding in a hybrid environment
  • Delivering feedback in a hybrid working environment
  • Choosing and embedding clear communication channels to motivate staff without micromanaging
  • Maintaining parity between staff working remotely and on-site
  • Effective hybrid meetings: ensuring contribution from all staff
  • Maintaining staff wellbeing: offering support, identifying work/life balance issues and preventing burnout