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Event Summary

“The Health and Care Act is the most significant change to the healthcare system in a decade and will put it in the strongest possible position to rebuild from the pandemic”*

Westminster Insight’s timely Health and Social Care Integration Conference will share the priorities for health and social care integration following the recent publication of the Integration White Paper and Health and Care Act.

Hear about the new responsibilities of Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) and Boards (ICBs), with the development of national and local priorities, the implementation of shared outcomes, as well as governance and accountability models, which are all expected to be in place from April 2023.

How will the reforms be delivered in practice? You will hear from experts on how to support successful integration on the ground. Learn how others have harnessed integration to improve outcomes for patients and tackle deep rooted inequalities, which have been exacerbated by Covid-19.

Learn from best practice on key issues including leadership and change management, governance and accountability, and multi-agency collaborative working.

Leaders are essential for bringing multi-agency partnerships together. You’ll hear from great leaders in health and care across places in England and who have made incredible progress to join up care and improve outcomes for their populations. Understand the impact of change on staff and what support will be needed to build a strong culture of collaboration.

Gain practical insights from interactive case studies on how to support successful integration. Discuss initiatives, such as shared care records, that seek to drive digital innovation, deliver collaborative, person-centred care and enhance patient experiences and outcomes, no matter what ‘place’ you are in.

This face-to-face event is a unique opportunity to network with your peers, ask questions, hear from experts and share ideas as we enter a period of major transformation in the delivery of health and care.

*Department of Health and Social Care (April 2022)

Benefits of attending

  • Understanding the responsibilities of ICPs and ICBs
  • Solutions for better integration and collaboration on the ground
  • Better understand the needs of your locality and address widening health disparities
  • Developing strong accountability structures
  • Understand the role of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in assessing ICSs
  • Gain insight on how to improve your efficiency
  • Best practice in governance and financial collaboration
  • Harness innovation and digital ways of working to improve outcomes